Shipping policy


If you are not completely satisfied with your order we ask that you contact us within 24 hours of delivery. When appropriate, we will replace your order or refund your money, depending on the circumstance. We guarantee all of our orders in order to reassure you. 

Please make sure to be at your home or workplace upon delivery because if the delivery is missed or left at your location, you will still be responsible for the charges and no refund will be issued.

As always, eating raw fish (i.e for sushi, oysters & etc.) is as at your own discretion and own risk. We always recommend to cook all food not just fish and seafood but anything you may eat.


Shipping is available on all items we sell. You can ship all across New Zealand though rural address do impose an extra charge.  For some rural areas, orders may be cancelled if the courier can not make the delivery within a specific amount of time. We will confirm with you once an order is placed if that is the case for your address. We need to ensure orders are received within 24 or 48 hours after we ship them to maintain quality and freshness. All of our orders are Shipped with OVERNIGHT PRIORITY and once they ship they arrive the next business day to you. We ship Monday to Wednesday only. We will NOT ship if the next business day is a holiday.  We will notify you if that is the case.  Shipping prices and delivery options vary by product (depending on size, weight and volume) and location. 

For Apartment Buildings, Condominiums and such buildings, the shipment may be left by the courier at the front desk or with security. If so, it is your responsibility to get the shipment from them in a timely manner before the product spoils. We recommend getting it right away to put in a fridge &/or freezer.

Also, in cases where product is sold by the weight i.e. kilograms or pounds, we will do our best to get the weight as close as possible to the weight ordered. In some cases it may be impossible to ship the exact amount but it will be within a reasonable and acceptable variance.

*With all shipments, we do ask you to have SOMEONE AVAILABLE TO SIGN OFF on the order. It is crucial to put your order in the fridge or freezer depending on if it is fresh or frozen right away. If no one is home or at work to sign off, the order will be left at your door. It will be your RESPONSIBILITY if the product becomes too warm, thawed out or stolen. It is Your Responsibility to Receive the order or else please do not place an order.

If there is a shipping delay with the courier, which can happen every once in a while, we ask you to contact us right away and we will let you know the proper procedure to follow. Even though we ship priority overnight, we pack all of our orders with thermal ice packs to last 2 days minimum to keep the box refrigerated.  If the courier does have a delay and the order is delivered to you, we ask you to sign for the delivery and then look at the product immediately to see if it is still in a fresh or frozen state depending on what you purchased.  If there is any issue at all contact us right away and we will find a solution for you as we stand by our freshness and quality.

We ship all orders on Monday to Wednesday. As long as the order is in by Wednesday at 11am EST, we can ship it out the same day to arrive the next business day to you or within 48 hours. This only applies Monday to Wednesday as we do not ship over the weekend. For Friday arrival as long as the carrier ships to your area overnight we can ship it out on Wednesday. You will always receive a shipping notice email stating when it was shipped.  For Holidays or long weekends, orders will be shipped the next business day since we are closed on the holiday and respect all statutory holidays.

We reserve the right to change Couriers without notice but a shipping email will always be sent once the order has been shipped.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding shipping.

  • Operation hours are between 9:00am and 2:00pm daily. 
  • All other orders will be dispatched the following day.