We are committed to the development of Te Arawa people and the Rotorua community as a whole. We believe our Te Arawa Fresh store and seafood truck make a positive contribution to the region by providing stable employment ensuring the wider Rotorua community have access to fresh, healthy kaimoana all year round.

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  • Visit our Seafood Truck

    Look out for your seafood truck to get fresh kaimoana in your area:

    (10:30am - 5:00pm)

    Tuesday - Te Puke, Citizens RSA

    Wednesday - Kawerau, Cosmopolitan Club

    Thursday - Te Teko, Eivers Park

    Friday - Tokoroa, The Tree Tavern

    Saturday - Te Puke, Citizens RSA

  • Fresh Produce

    Everyday we source the freshest and tastiest seafood to ensure you are receiving the highest quality produce available!

  • Social Media

    We run promotions and special offers regularly on our social media pages be sure to stay up to date and tag us in photos of your delicious kai with #tearawafresh

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